Kenyan rapper Henry Ohanga better known as Octopizzo has got exciting plans and is set to soon venture into the merchandise business of sunglasses line.

octto1 - Oliel! Octopizzo gets ‘shady’ in Instagram video
Nane King Octo

The ‘Oliel’ rapper, who’s year started on a rough patch after being in hot soup when a Nairobi family accused him of having a hand in the death of their teenage son, revealed this during an Instagram live stream yesterday.
oooooo - Oliel! Octopizzo gets ‘shady’ in Instagram video
He shared the photo above and captioned it:

octopizzo glasses coming soon.

The ‘Noma ni’ hitmaker, showed some samples of his sunglasses line with sleek wooden frame designs and his name on the temple area.

The “TBT” rapper also said that the sunglasses are very authentic and are proudly made in Kenyan.

octopizzo nane - Oliel! Octopizzo gets ‘shady’ in Instagram video
Octopizzo posing

In the live stream, the rapper shared what inspired him to venture into the sunglasses business, saying glasses help him stay hidden from prying eyes of his fans, who make him feel like they are seeing inside his soul when he is not wearing sunglasses.

The award-winning rapper is well known for his fashion sense,confidence and not shying away from floral prints, colorful suits and accessories.

octtopizzz - Oliel! Octopizzo gets ‘shady’ in Instagram video
Octo in a floral outfit

The humanitarian has also been giving teasers for new music on his social media platforms.

During the live stream, Octo gave a teaser for a new song with Karun, formerly of Camp Mulla.

On April 20 2018, Octo released a new album titled ‘Next Year’ featuring tracks including“Noma Ni”, “Young Puffy” and “Nu Afrika”.

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