Jamaican artiste Richie Spice is in Kenya for the ‘Nobody can stop reggae’ concert.

The ‘Gideon boot’ hitmaker has been to Kenya three other times. During an interview at Kiss100 on Friday, Spice said that he loves Kenya and it always feels like home.

africa is our first and second home. people are lovely and they are our people

Asked about the incident where a Kibera Rastafarian was temporarily denied admission to a school because of her dreadlocks, he said he was glad she finally resumed classes.

Spice3 - ‘It makes me proud’, Richie Spice says on push to legalise bhang in Kenya
Spice in a happy mood

He stated that:

it’s good that the court speaks justice knowing that it’s just a natural vibration. we give thanks that the child is back to school

The ‘grooving my girl’ hitmaker, who abides by the Rastafarian culture has dreadlocks but his children don’t.

He said it’s their choice, adding that according to their culture followers are required to remain natural.

my kids do not have dreadlocks because it’s their choice. one is 17, 9, 10 and 2. THis is because it’s their right to choose. but their hair is all natural

spice 3 - ‘It makes me proud’, Richie Spice says on push to legalise bhang in Kenya
Spice posing

Weed smokers ‘have higher sperm count’

Many in Kenya have misconceptions when it comes to dreadlocks and being a Rastafarian. From a deep-rooted Rastafarian, Richie Spice broke down what it means to be one.

He explained that:

Rastafari is a culture which is a natural way of life of a rasta man. the way of life as it is with no interruption. it’s not fashioned just a way of life for peace.

He maintained saying:

the culture is strict. we are against crime; we try to share what we have. we are also careful in what we eat because we are destroying the temple. we eat what is good for human consumption 

Mungu mponye! Kibra MP Ken Okoth’s supporters say after cancer diagnosis

When asked to comment on the legalisation of weed in Kenya which Kibera MP Kenneth Okoth, who has stage 4 cancer, has supported, Spice said:

only herbs can cure him right now. it’s a good vibe, africa cannot let the world leave it behind. it is for medicinal purposes that the herbs provide. it’s a great movement and it makes me proud

spice 4 - ‘It makes me proud’, Richie Spice says on push to legalise bhang in Kenya
Richie Spice jamming

In as much as they believe Africa is their first and second home, Rastafarians believe that one day they will reside back to their motherland, Ethiopia.They sometimes refer to themselves as Haile Selassie children.

He also promised to give his fans an amazing show scheduled for Saturday night at KICC grounds.

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