US rapper YNW Melly has been arrested and charged with murdering two other rappers, both said to have been his childhood friends, in Florida.

ynw - US rapper charged with double murder
YNW posing

The 19 year old rapper who is legally known as Jamell Demons, was today arrested following police allegations that he,conspired with another man to make the two male victims look like they had died in a drive-by shooting.

Before turning himself in, the ‘murder on my mind’ hitmaker took to his social media and said that lies were being told about the shootings.

On Wednesday,he stated  to his 1M followers on Instagram:

lot of rumours and lies were being said about the shootings,hashtag #freeus.

ynw melly - US rapper charged with double murder
YNW Melly 

Miramar Police Department announced the murder charges against him on social media, saying Mr Demons had been arrested for murder alongside another man named Cortlen Henry – who uses the rap name YNW Bortlen.

Police allege Mr Demons shot both victims, Christopher Thomas Jr and Anthony Williams, were both rappers from the same Florida-based crew.

ynw floss - US rapper charged with double murder
YNW flosssing

Police added that the rapper conspired alongside Mr Henry to stage a crime to make it appear that they were killed by other people.The two victims died of multiple gunshot wounds on 26 October.

Both of the victims featured in a documentary about Mr Demons on his YouTube channel, where they are described as his childhood friends.

After their October deaths, his lawyer Bradford Cohen told the Florida Sun-sentinel newspaper that:

He’s sad, he’s upset, obviouslythose were his best friends 

rapper ynw1 - US rapper charged with double murder
Rapper YNW

The rapper appeared in court on Thursday, where he was ordered to be held in jail without bail.

This is not the first incident that has seen Mr.Henry behind bars.The ‘gang out’ hitmaker was reportedly arrested in Texas last month for marijuana possession and extradited to Florida this week.

ynw 1 - US rapper charged with double murder
YNW outside an apartment

The Florida-based rapper has been signed to Young Thug’s label, YSL Records, since 2018.He first found popularity after posting his music on hosting website Sound Cloud aged 15 – and has since amassed tens of millions of streams and views online.

Last year he released a song, Mixed Personalities, alongside Grammy-award winning rapper Kanye West.

One of his best-known tracks is a song called Murder on My Mind – which has almost 90m views on YouTube.


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