Artistes have left EMB, a record label owned by singer Bahati. It started off with Mr Seed confirming that he is no longer signed with them and now Kioko, the brother to Bahati has confirmed his exit.

David Wonder, another artiste signed under the label is also rumoured to be in the process of leaving, but has not yet confirmed these rumours.

Well, speaking exclusively on phone, Kioko who grew up with the Mama hitmkare says he is no longer working with EMB.

Hapana, siko EMB. Yes, nilitoka. Nimetoka kabisa EMB.

So, what could have caused his exit from the company where he and Baha had struggled to make a brand for? He hesitated, and simply replied:

Ni ku-advance tu. Hiyo siwezijibu.

kioko - Exclusive: Bahati’s brother Kioko and manager leave EMB

So what could be going on at Bahati’s turf?

Danny Gift allegedly signed under Bahati’s EMB for ten years

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