They say nice guys finish last, and sometimes it’s true. However, being kind is always preferable to being a ‘bad’ boy.

I do, however, admit that there is something appealing about a bad boy. I’d never date one in real life, but the bad boy character in books and television shows are appealing.

There is just something appealing about his confidence and attitude.

From JLO to Rihanna, perhaps that’s what these bad-boy obsessed celebs look for, too, when they date these heartbreakers.

Here’s a list of successful women who have fallen for bad boys.

  1. Jennifer Lopez
jlo - Why bad boys are no good! Here are celebrities who got burnt
Jennifer Lopez

American popstar Jennifer Lopez is possibly the biggest celebrity bad boy fan. First she dated P Diddy and ended their relationship when he was arrested for possession of weapon.

She went from Diddy to Ben Affleck then robbed the cradle by dating a much younger man – dancer Casper Smart.

Seeing the bad boys were doing nothing for her self-esteem and brand, JLO finally settled down with a nice guy – baseball player Alex Rodriguez (A Rod) and they seem happy together.

2.Mel B

mel b - Why bad boys are no good! Here are celebrities who got burnt
America’s got talent judge,Mel B

America’s Got Talent judge Mel B also has a history with bad boys. Her first marriage was to Jimmy Gulzar, one of the dancers for her girl group – Spice Girls. That was, however short lived and Mel B moved on to Eddie Murphy.

Their fiery romance ended sourly after she became pregnant and he denied the child was his before eventually taking a paternity test confirming he was the father.

In 2010, Mel B burst into tears on her reality TV show ‘It’s a scary world’, as she recalled tough times during her pregnancy and nasty fights with Eddie. Mel then moved on to Stephen Belafonte and stayed married for years until finally splitting with the man whom she accused of emotional abuse.

In her tell-all book Brutally Honest, Mel B said she was ashamed of admitting she was in an abusive relationship. She is now off dating as she rediscovers herself.

3.Katy Perry 

katty perry - Why bad boys are no good! Here are celebrities who got burnt
Singer Katty Perry

Singer Katty Perry almost got the whole world confused, including her father who is an evagelist, after she started dating comedian Russell Brand.

How on earth did this good girl hook up with such a naughty, naughty guy? The couple’s marriage did not last and they announced their divorce.
The ‘roar’ hitmaker is currently dating actor,Orlando Bloom.
4. Rihanna
rihanna - Why bad boys are no good! Here are celebrities who got burnt
Bad Girl Rihanna
Rihanna and Chris Brown’s romance came to an end when the Back to sleep singer assaulted her after a car fight. Rihanna spoke publicly about domestic violence inspiring women across the globe.
Riri then left the bad boy and is dating Saudi businessman Hassan Jameel.
5.Whitney Houston
whitney huston - Why bad boys are no good! Here are celebrities who got burnt
The late,Whitney Huston
Whitney Houston was seen as a good girl until she met artiste Bobby Brown.
During an interview on the Oprah show, Whitney confessed Bobby once spat on her during an argument. It was said Bobby was jealous of Whitney’s stardom and she had to ‘dim’ her light to try and make him shine.
Whitney’s story did not end well after dying in a bathtub after a drug overdose.
If the following artistes are not proof that bad boy are no good, I don’t know what is.
6. Ciara
ciara russ accident - Why bad boys are no good! Here are celebrities who got burnt

The Greatest love singer was wild and rough during her days with rapper Future. They had a son together but parted ways and now she keeps a clean image after moving on to date and marry quarterback Russell Wilson. The two have a daughter together.

The 33-year-old singer previously revealed she is very “blessed” to have a family. She shared: “I’m very blessed to have the best support system that I could ever ask for or ever dream of. My husband is pretty awesome … You see Russell playing on the field; he’s that same person at home. I think even cooler! He’s an awesome support system to me and best friend so that makes a world of difference.”

Ciara admitted she feels “inspired” by her husband Russell in a sweet message last November to mark his 29th birthday.

She never dated publicly, keeping her personal life very personal throughout her entire career. So fans were very surprised when she up and married Jay-Z in a very private ceremony all of a sudden. They’ve been married years now, and they have a daughter together. But it seems that he’s the quintessential bad boy, growing up a drug dealer on the streets of New York and turning into quite the ladies man as he grew up and became famous. She definitely likes her boys a little bit on the bad side.

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