Njugush is one comedian who shows what hard work, fortune and good will can do for an aspiring entertainer.

He has scaled the ranks of fame and done so with his day one woman. Who? His wife Celestine, aka Wakavinye, who has always been by his side.

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The comedian with his wife

One thing many may not know about the couple is that the comic did not have a grand proposal for her. This revelation was made by Celestine when Betty Kyallo interviewed her. She told the journalist on her show Weekend with Betty:

‘Aliniuliza Tunaweza kuwa na harusi December ama August? Hiyo ndo ilikuwa proposal.’

This translates to: “He asked whether we could have our wedding on December or August. That was his proposal.”

Njugush went on to explain his side of the story saying:

You know why I was asking that, ni umekaa na huyu mtu mumeshaaongea hata viti mnataka kwa harusi, Gari, wedding gown, mpaka suti sasa kwani hajui anaolewa?. But obviously for me proposal ningeenda out of my way, sasa imagine nimuwekee pete kwa cake akule alafu. So what I thought was, one she already know tunaoana, juu tulikaa tukasema penye imefika tuambie wazazi, tumeenda kwako, nini nini so hata ile time ningepropose ilinipita.

This translates to: “We have been together and you know seats, a car, gown and suit are required. Don’t you know how much a wedding costs?… So what I thought was – she already knew we are getting married…”

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The comedian posing

He added:

So unajua ni when I was on TV , I was broke yes I’m famous but pesa hakuna, so nilikuwa naogopa kupropose juu hataki hizi pete za River road, juu anataka hizi za 40k, sasa 60K. so for me proposal ilipita ivo. The most important thing was my commitment to her, I told her nataka tukae mpaka mwisho. Enyewe hiyo time hatukuwa na pesa, coz nilikuwa nimequit job.

This translates to: “I was on TV, but was broke. I was afraid of proposing because she wouldn’t want a ring from River Road. She wanted something between Sh40,000-60,000. The most important thing was that we stayed together until the end.”

Njugush has found himself a Proverbs 31 woman, something that is increasingly rare in this day and age of slay queens and socialites. A woman who can grow with a man, from the lows of lack to the highs of success.

A fact he should be proud of.

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