Media personality Caroline Mutoko has weighed in on the Akothee debate and questioned why there is even a conversation about the singer in the first place.

On an episode on her YouTube channel released on Thursday, Mutoko said,

There are a lot of closet men and women who cannot get over her boldness. She’s the kind of chic you love to hate but you can’t help but admire her because she is unapologetic. 


Mutoko said Akothee’s target market is not everyone. She said Akothee has never marketed herself as a musician who writes music for children so people should not bash her.

They follow her because they love her boldness on Instagram. I mean, I do too. Sometimes, she says something and I’m like ‘I love you’. 

On critics saying Akothee is not a role model, Mutoko asked:

Who are your children that they listen to Akothee… You need to check yourself first. 

Mutoko said it is parents’ responsibility to raise their children well. She said,

If you don’t agree with who she is or what she does, your job is to point her out and say ‘huyu anafanya bad manners’ (she is doing the wrong thing) and this is not a woman you want to be like.

Mutoko signed off by saying,

Akothee, keep doing what you do. I love your style on Instagram. Baby, I don’t know any of your music and I haven’t been to any of your concerts and here’s the thing because I can’t sing along to any, I might never come. But if you ever ask me out to tea, I’ll come. keep going mama, i love you to death.

Nairobi woman rep Esther Passaris also supported Akothee. During an interview with KTN News on Thursday, the mother of two said Akothee’s show was entertaining and critics should stop frustrating the artiste. She said they should instead support local talent.

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Later on in the day, Esther took to Twitter to shut down Akothee’s critics who were saying that she exposed her private parts on stage.

She said:

Her private part was exposed only in your mind.You have a sick mind. On stage I saw her sexy dance moves, her flexibility and her confidence in her skin.

Akothee on stage - ‘Keep going mama, I love you to death’ – Caroline Mutoko’s message to Akothee
Akothee dancing

She also noted that Akothee wore a double stocking costume, and that no one could be able view her private parts through it.

Passaris added:

You saw her vagina through her costume and double stockings? You need help my brother. You need help.

Akothee has been unfazed by the critics, saying she is too busy to be distracted by haters and is focused on securing her parents’ future. In a one-minute rant on Wednesday, she said the media was quick to call her to answer questions about the criticism, but are not as fast to play her music.

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