Diamond Platnumz’s mother Sandra Sanura can be savage.

She is a nonsense woman who fires back at trolls when they try to attack her.

Diamond Platnumz and his mother - ‘Were you there when I conceived Diamond?’, singer’s mum attacks fan
Diamond Platnumz and his mother

A fan accused her of living large with her son Diamond Platnumz while his father is languishing in poverty.

Mama una roho chafu kama ya shetani. Unabonda raha kwa pesa za mwanao huku alokubebesha mimba mzee Abdul ataabika. Karma is a bitch and will soon catch up with you woman!

Sanura responded saying:

Una uhakika gani au aliponibebesha ulikuwepo?

Check out the screenshot

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The singer’s father is ailing from a mysterious disease that has left his legs swollen making him unable to walk. A doctor recently told the family he risks amputation.

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In an interview on 10 Over 10 early this year, Diamond said his father has never been there for him at his time of need, adding he doesn’t see the need to reunite with him. He, however, revealed that he sends him money occasionaly. He said,

‘I, however, send him money, when he requests. I also send him money whenever he tells me he is ailing. However, living together under the same roof would be impossible.

All my life growing up, he was never there for me. Why should I pretend that I am now ready to share a house with him?’ 

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