Ringtone has denied the letter he posted on his Instagram account – purportedly from the Karen Residents Association – is fake.

According to a letter, Ringtone has to get rid of his 40 roaming cows or else he faces a law suit.

It reads:

‘Mr Ringtone, we are the Karen resident association and we are pleased to know that you live in our community. We are however not happy to learn that you are rearing cows in Karen.’

The letter continues,

‘Please note that Karen is not a farm but a residents’ community. Our members are complaining of you keeping over 40 cows. Please note we are considering a legal case against you, if you don’t cooperate with the rules and regulations of Karen community residence association.’


The letter, however, raises eyebrows. Firstly, the outfit that represents people living in Karen goes by the name Karen Lang’ata District Association (KLDA).

Another fake letter did the rounds in 2017 after a letter purportedly addressed to former Starehe MP aspirant Steve Mbogo raised concerns about helicopter noises.

Responding to a tweet in which Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi was asked why he was unable to secure a position in the Karen Residents Association, the top lawyer said the purported association did not exist.

Another problem is the poor grammar in the letter.

The letter head refers to the ‘Karen Residents Association’ but the body goes on to refer to the outfit as the ‘Karen resident association’. Another paragraph talks of the ‘Karen Residence Association’. So which association is it, really?

The letter heading also has cringe-worthy typos. It reads: “Complains from residents of Karen about your cows”. Yes, the fine people of Karen allegedly have complains, not complaints.

Another eyebrow raising matter is the letter is signed off with, “We love your music!”

The letter reads, “We are however happy to know that a celebrity lives with us. We would like to work with you in making our community of Karen a better living community.”

Speaking to Mpasho, Ringtone was defiant. He said,

‘There are people there who rear horses. why is it a problem that I’m rearing cows? They just want to oppress the poor man.’

When questioned how he can purport to be poor while living in Karen, he said,

‘Wewe wacha siasa sasa’.

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Check out the letter sent to Ringtone via a messenger to his house in Karen.

karen residents Associations - Ringtone denies letter full of errors from ‘Karen residents’ association’ is fake
Karen Residents Associations letter to Ringtone



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