Controversial Pastor Godfrey Migwi who is a die-hard supporter of Uhuru Kenyatta has pulled apart a “resurrection” miracle by popular South African pastor, Alph Lukau.

“I refuse to be fooled for the ONE I follow is wise. Even if it’s end time, this joke is beyond measure, even if you do real miracles not just this stage managed, fake miracles ,devilish ideas,” he ranted on his Facebook page.

Alph Lukau convinced his congregation that he successfully brought a man back from the dead. The pastor of Alleluia Ministries was filmed standing over an open casket, touching the “deceased” individual before shouting, “rise up!” The man inside the coffin then sits up, as onlookers begin to cheer.

Pastor Migwi believes that it is a hoax and a sign that the end times are here because of the emergence of “false prophets.”resurection1 - Nairobi pastor Godfrey Migwi goes ham over ‘devilish resurrection’

He said, “Satan is using men to deceive fellow men and this he does via ” great signs and wonders” and also unsound doctrines. In this he arise false prophets, counterfeit prophets. The question we must ask, where do this counterfeit prophets and teachers arise?”

He continued, “And other than miracles what do they do? Listen to what Peter continue to say, “and through covetousness shall they with feigned words make merchandise of you.” verse 3, They will what? They will make money out of you.”

pastor Godfrey migwi uhuru - Nairobi pastor Godfrey Migwi goes ham over ‘devilish resurrection’However, three funeral firms in South Africa; Kingdom Blue, Kings & Queens Funeral Services, and Black Phoenix are taking legal action against Lukau for allegedly staging the stunt and tricking them into being involved.

Lukau reportedly got the coffin from Kingdom Blue and placed Black Phoenix stickers on a private car in an attempt to “look credible to Kings & Queens Funeral Services” when they arrived to order a hearse.

According to several news reports, Alleluia Ministries has backtracked on Lukau’s resurrection claims, and insists the man in the coffin was “already alive” when he arrived to the church in Kramerville, Sandton.

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The ministry says the pastor simply “completed a miracle that God had already started.”

Pastor Migwi added, “Christians need to know miracles fake or real cannot proof someone to be a God sent. 2nd theselonians 2:9 The coming of the lawless one is based on Satan’s working, with all kinds of false miracles, signs, and wonders. You see Christ spoke that his disciples were to do miracles. And if you will notice in Acts for example, the disciples were not just for there to heal but their primary  mission was to preach Christ and him crucified.”

pastor Godfrey migwi uhuru1 - Nairobi pastor Godfrey Migwi goes ham over ‘devilish resurrection’Quoting the Bible, the man of God said, “Test all things says the Lord. Do not just believe, test what they say with the scripture and “to the law and to the testimony: if they speak not according to this word, it is because there is no light (truth) in them.”- Isaiah 8:20.”

Pastor Migiwi concluded, “Shalom shalom shalom. May God of heavens and earth help us. May the one who has ear1f442 - Nairobi pastor Godfrey Migwi goes ham over ‘devilish resurrection’ listen and warn others. Be watchful and alert always.”

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