To err is human. So the saying goes, but the reality is religious people are held to a higher standard than others because they are supposed to operate with the fear of God in their lives. And surely that fear, which is another word for reverence, for the Almighty cannot allow some behaviours, righs?

Well, wrong.

While what happens in ordinary Christians’ private lives may not be known, gospel artistes have it rough when they are caught up in scandals because they are celebrities. Here is a compliation of artistes who have been caught up in ungodly acts.


  1. DK Kwenye Beat
dk1 - Times when gospel artistes found themselves in ungodly situations
Dk Kwenye Beat

Exclusive! DK Kwenye Beat aka Stamina Daddy anapenda ngono!

DK Kwenye Beat and Hopkid admitted to engaging in a threesome with a Nakuru lady who claimed she was infected with herpes. After the scandal, DK, or Stamina daddy as he refers to himself, deleted his photos from his Instagram page.

Fellow gospel musician Size 8 tried to give DK an opportunity to apologise for his sins, but the backlash was too much and she made a hasty retreat, saying she did not condone ungodly acts.

2. Bahati

bahati kenya - Times when gospel artistes found themselves in ungodly situations
Kevin Bahati

Gospel star Bahati has been on the headlines following the exit of EMB artistes under not-so-pleasant circumstances.

Bahati suffers major blow as Mr Seed leaves EMB Records

In the run up to the new year, Bahati was accused by his then artiste Mr Seed of using police to throw his pregnant girlfriend out of an event. Another signee – Rebeccah Soki – also said she left the stable, and accused Bahati of being arrogant.

3. Ringtone

ringtone apoko - Times when gospel artistes found themselves in ungodly situations
Ringtone Apoko posing

For the better part of Tuesday, gospel star Alex Apoko, popularly known as Ringtone, was the topic of online discussion.

This was after the king of controversy posted a letter, purportedly from the Karen Residents Association, cautioning him against rearing his 40 cows in the leafy suburbs. There were claims the letter was fake as the unit that represents Karen residents is called the Karen & Langata District Association.

Ringtone denies letter full of errors from ‘Karen residents’ association’ is fake

Ringtone has always been on the limelight for one reason or the other. Remember when he allegedly bought Ugandan businesswoman Zari Hassan a Range Rover to welcome her to Kenya? Or the time he said he was a priest only for it to be a video shoot?

4.Willy Paul

willy p - Times when gospel artistes found themselves in ungodly situations
Willy Paul Msafi

Willy Paul is not new to controversy. The ‘jigi jigi’ hit maker’s was called out for claiming to be a gospel musician while his songs did not seem to promote it.

Willy Paul has collaborated with some of secular artistes such as Cecile and recently did a project with Rayvanny.

He later said he was focused on love songs.


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