Call her a socialite but Huddah Monroe has revealed that one thing she can never think of doing is to sleep with a married man. Something that has made her decide not to have any kind of s3x in 2019.

Monroe recalls when her mother was being cheated on and her parents fought a lot in regard to that matter. She posted;

When I was about 17 , my mom would tell me how her husband is cheating on her …. and id see the hurt in her face and also the many fights they had and that shit makes me wonder if those women who fu*k married men are normal . Don’t you feel pity?

huddah 1 - Huddah Monroe vows ‘No more lungula in 2019’


The topic seems too sensitive to Huddah. After the post above, a lady sent her a DM asking what should she do after finding out that her boyfriend is cheating on her.

The Huddah Cosmetics CEO has the perfect solution, no more s3x for the men.

NO more S3X for me 2019!
WHAT in the FU**ERY?!  look for me so that i teach you how to treat these cheating a** small boys. i am so mad!6 women? this is some form of witchcraft. girls we are closing shop. these boys will now sort themselves with either Samantha dolls or petroleum jelly. until the day they’ll act right#NoMoreS3x.

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“Even before having ‘lungula’ I pray!” confesses Huddah Monroe

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