According to the new documentary Leaving Neverland, Michael Jackson allegedly told one of the boys he was accused of raping that his relationship with women was all for the camera.

michael j - Michael Jackson’s marriage was fake, says ‘rape’ victim
Jackson on stage

Reported by Daily Mail, James Safechuck says that during their time together, the Billie Jean’ hitmaker said he might have to be seen with women, or appearing to be in a romantic couple – but it was all for show.

I remember Michael saying he was going to have to have these public relationships with women so people wouldn’t think anything.

He added:

He would always say he was going to get married but it wasn’t going to mean anything.

He also bought the Safechucks a house after they testified for the defence in his trial after he was accused of sexually assaulting another boy, Jordan Chandler.

That ‘show’ became more important than ever though after the Chandler lawsuit was settled for a reported $23 million (Sh2.3 billion), and so Jackson took things a step further and married Lisa Marie Presley.

The ‘black and white’ hitmaker then cut ties with the Safechuck family and Jimmy, who was, by then, dependent on the singer because Jackson allegedly advised the boy’s parents to take them out of school.

Safechuck said:

He would just call every once in a while. He gave me a car when I turned 16. I was very much into FILM MAKING and he got me FILM MAKING classes.

He also noted that Jackson told him to quit school.

Michael tells you you don’t need school, no one who ever did anything good went to school


After convincing Safechuck’s parents to pull him out of school, Jackson promised his family that he will be there.

So he convinced my parents to pull me out of some of the advanced classes saying don’t worry, I’LL be there.

He also noted that Jackson did not stick around as he promised. The pop- star shocked many when he announced in 1994 that he had married Presley.

James’ mother, Stephanie Safechuck, was so under Jackson’s spell that she failed to realize he wrote off the loan he gave the family to purchase a house just after she and her husband, as well as their son James, gave depositions in support of Jackson.

Safechuck’s mother recalled that one day:

I got a phone call from Michael and he said,Stephanie I’m not going to be able to come around as often.

Credits: Daily Mail

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