Pierra Makena is arguably the most popular Kenyan female DJ that we have. That comes with a lot of expectations/responsibilities put on her shoulders.

Makena Pierra - Umekuwa Akothee! Pierra Makena trolled for racy DJ video
On the decks

She posted a video on her Instagram page that showed her mixing on the decks. The full-figured DJ was seen fiddling, spinning and doing whatever it is DJ’s normally do.

Her caption that accompanied the video was:

Lets talk photographer…..HIRED OR FIRED.

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The full-figured DJ

Talk about baiting your followers. The reactions to the video are both hilarious and caustic. Some felt like the video was not all about deejaying but showing off her body. The video is below:

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Lets talk photographer…..HIRED OR FIRED.

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Pierra even got into a back and forth with one of her followers by the names of flux254 who felt like the video did not glorify her craft but sexualized her.

Some of the comments are below:

barnabasmweu: Hired. This is taking photography to another level

my_truth100: @pierramakenaofficial I’m a fan. The truth hurts. You market yourself like this don’t get mad when men view you as a piece of meat.

rasta_kip: Fire that fool…angetulia hapo nyuma kiasi

alfredkariaku: apewe promotion

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The DJ smiling

derrickoty_001: You are the very person unasemanga content content unaanika ass badala ucheze na mziki….ama ass ndo zinaproduce music

my_truth100: @pierramakenaofficial prosperity comes with body/ass shots. Didn’t you do an interview complaining about how some guys wanted to first tap it then hire you? The internet never forgets.


my_truth100: 🤔 and we complain when we are sexualized. Was the music playing from the ass? Never seen a Male dj start his video from his ass. #sipstea

flux254: @pierramakenaofficial since when did djing come to ass shots? You make me feel am in the wrong place.

pierramakenaofficial: @flux254 and why didnt u notice anything else????? Thats a bodyshot ……Nails hair the music???? Question yourself my friend.

50824521 140348146989986 1731919977168603165 n - Umekuwa Akothee! Pierra Makena trolled for racy DJ video
Resplendent in white

pierramakenaofficial: @my_truth100 then stick to the male dj…..why did u only see the ass???? Yet it was a full body shot…..smh…a gurl cant prosper🤣🤣🤣🤣

flux254: @pierramakenaofficial am a dj too n the game is sick i know. But what about the girl child. Do u guys have to stoop to low? I recognize the SZ gear n u touching the filter knob a million times. I appreciate when a Dj sticks to trick-mixing, blends yidi yada n all that but showing ur ass? Lol what would be the difference btw u n @akotheekenya

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The singer posing

What do you think? Is she objectifying herself in her own video or are the people going overboard with their criticism?

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