We all love to keep up with our favorite celebrities. From their hang out joints to the latest designs they are rocking and where to catch them.

A few of our celebrities know how to discern between what is for the public eye and what to keep private.

But others are all about getting more likes and increasing their fan base and do not care if they are oversharing their private lives.

In a scenario where a celebrity chooses to put the life of an infant baby out in public or even go to the extent of opening for him/her a social media account – it might be wise to wait until the baby is old ​​enough to decide whether they want to be in the public eye or not.

Here are scenarios of oversharing on social media:

  1. Opening an Instagram account for a baby
Screenshot from 2019 02 04 06 43 30 - Oversharing on social media: From birth videos to accounts for babies, when is it too much?
Nimo Gachuiri and Mr. Seed during their baby shower


Mr. Seed’s bae gives birth to a boy, Instagram account opened for baby [PHOTO]

Mr Seed and his fiancée opened an Instagram account for their son hours after he was born. And clearly their fans are keen on following the couple’s baby’s life because a day after the account was opened, it already has more than 8,500 followers.

2. Sharing a baby delivery video

There is another case of a Kenyan YouTuber with a channel called Alpha Beta who shared the video of her giving birth.

Okay, we get she was trying to inspire women and especially mothers to be, but surely, should you really share a process as personal as giving birth with the whole world?

Check out her video below:

Celebrity or not, social media users should know where to draw the line when it comes to sharing and oversharing.

All of us need to be careful about what we write online, whether on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, or other places where digital information has a shelf-life of many years and can be copied and pasted by anyone, anywhere.

3. Sharing a video of a clothes haul where you almost strip naked for the camera

This is the era of vlogging and there’s a channel for just about everything on YouTube. There was a channel where a vlogger showed her subscribers how to wear a stick-on bra and went ahead to show everything except her nipple as she stuck the bra on! If this is not nudity, I don’t know what is.

So here is some research about what we should and shouldn’t, be sharing on social media.

  1. Don’t tell everyone what you ate for breakfast unless you communicate with them often.

2. Do not whine too much. Research shows that people don’t appreciate constant stream of negativity because negative energy is contagious.

3. Show but don’t show off. For example, if you are in a relationship, you can go ahead an display your affection to your lover publicly, but avoid anything that could be seen as too personal or a deliberate attempt to show off.

4. Show who you are, but be authentic. Disclosing information about yourself in a way that it gives people a full impression of the kind of person you are can make a better impression as long as you keep the tone positive.

This way, many of your viewers will easily relate with your updates.

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