They hold high-end positions in the world’s most successful businesses and are the big names behind the most thriving brands and real estate contracts.

Below are the world’s most successful business people, according to the Wealth Report released by Knight Frank.

1. Jochen Zeitz

JochenZeitz - Money moves! Check out the world’s most successful businessmen
Jochen is one of the world’s most successful and influential businessmen of the 21st century.

At only 30-years old, he was appointed CEO of PUMA in 1993-a German wear manufacturer. Jochen has been able to boost the company’s share price by 4,000%, propelling it to third place in its sector behind global behemoths Nike and Adidas.

Mr. Zeitz’s deep love for Africa pushed him to open Segera, a 50,000-acre conservation reserve in northern Kenya with an award-winning eco-safari lodge, since 2005.

He also co-founded the Zeitz Museum of Contemporary ArtAfrica (Zeitz MOCAA) in Cape Town, which was opened by Archbishop Desmond Tutu in 2017.

2. Raj Kumar

raj kumar - Money moves! Check out the world’s most successful businessmen
Raj Kumar and his son

Raj is arguably Singapore’s most successful retailer and property investor. He is the owner of Royal Holdings, which was formed when he and his brother Asok divided their RoyalBrothers property business in 2011.

His son Kishin is also a successful property developer, with his own thriving enterprise, RB Capital.

He started off his business empire by borrowing $20,000 from his father, which he used it to open a jeans shop at the age of 21.

He got his big breakthrough when he was 25. Raj was able to sell more than 160 retail stores in Singapore.

In an interview with wealth report, Raj alias Singapore King noted that he is currently not working for money but rather wants to spend the next five years locating individuals who are business talented but lack financial support.

3. Richard Branson

richard branson 740x530 - Money moves! Check out the world’s most successful businessmen

Richard is an entrepreneur and co-founder of B Team, which he co-owns with Jochen Zeitz. The B Team aims to show business oriented people on how to come up with sustainable solutions.

Richard has on board some of the most influential business people including leaders such as PaulPolman, Marc Benioff and Bob Collymore.

The B Team’s aims are hugely ambitious, from improving social justice to treating
the environment better.

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