Mejja, a member of the rap group Kansoul, has revealed how he suffered at the hands of a hacker, forcing him to only operate one social media account – Instagram.

kansoul1 - Mejja narrates how hacker took over his social media accounts twice and threatened him
The Kansooul trio with Kagwe (Second, Left)

Mejja, also known as ‘mtoto wa Hadija’, had his Facebook and Twitter accounts hacked twice.

During an interview with Hot96 on Friday, Mejja said his Twitter and Facebook pages were hacked after opening the accounts using the same email address.

kansoul - Mejja narrates how hacker took over his social media accounts twice and threatened him

When he finally got back access to his accounts, Mejja ranted to his Instagram fans about what happened, irking the hacker, who sent him threats and took over his accounts again.

Mejja said,

after kuandika post that kuna mtu alikuwa amehack account yangu, alihack tena, then he deleted all my posts on facebook and twitter.

He added:

He later sent Madtraxx and Kid Kora a message containing Meja’s new password followed by a threat message saying: ‘ambia Meja akiongea vibaya tena nitadelete instagram’.

Mejja said,

alinionea huruma akanirudishia instagram account na password.

The trio has recently been working with an upcoming group named Ochungulo Family.

Mejja said:

Ni watu wanaanza so wakiimba na sisi tunastand pamoja,inakaa ni kama tunawapatia hiyo lifeline.

This translates to: “This is a group that just started and doing a collaboration with them boosts their name.”

Kansoul has collaborated with Ochunglo Family on a new song called ‘Na iwake’- which is a Kenyan slang that means ‘light it up’.

Kansoul is a Kenyan rap group which consists of Mejja, Kid Kora and Madtraxx. Mejja said there is no meaning behind the name Kansoul. The group had initially wanted their group to have the word unit in their name, but dropped the idea since P-Unit already exists. They also contemplated using the word family in their group’s name, but also dropped the idea and went with the name Kansoul.

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