Mr Seed has signed a new artiste, Ndume, under his record label Starborn Empire. The singer has released his very first hit, titled ‘Za Yesu’.

Seed told Word Is on Wednesday the two met when Ndume was working for Willy Paul as a dancer.

Ndume is actually his real name. I knew him when he was Willy Paul’s dancer and since then, we have been friends.

nduume - Ndume! Mr Seed signs Willy Paul’s ex dancer

Seed, who was previously signed under Bahati’s EMB, says he is going to do things differently now that he is the one signing other artists.

I’ll make sure my artiste is very comfortable and all the people I’m working with are flexible to make their own decisions when it comes to their talent. I wouldn’t want to treat a person how I wouldn’t want to be treated,

Check out the new song:


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