Ali Hassan Joho is one man who hits the headlines hard. Commonly known to many as 001, the Governor started handling big money way back when he was just 20.
Yes, he was once a hustler. From dropping out of school to living in the ghetto and now he is one of the richest men in Kenya.

But we all have that aha moment in life. For Joho it was his 6.6 million success that took him out of poverty at just 20.

He confessed he has been in the clearing and forwarding business for long and with that one deal, everything changed.

My first transaction that changed my life was when i was just  20 years old. I remember I got a clearing and forwarding job and I got a 6.6 million cheque. That is the first money that I saw and I was like this is it.

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Ali Hassan Joho

With that money, he made another smart business move and diversified his businesses and ventured into pesticide and waste management.

He got a deal with Kenya Ports Authority and went on to do pesticide and waste management for KPA for about 5 years.

Speaking to Lillian Muli on the allegations of being involved in the illegal drugs trade and trafficking, Joho rubbished the claims. He said that it has been over 10 years since the story was out, by now if he was a guilty man, he would have been in prison because that is enough time for investigation.

Ten years down the line if there was some truth some kind of action would have been taken. You can’t try to build on a narrative for ten years that has no end.


All he asks for is that people cut him some slack.

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