The much-hyped ‘Socialites’ show which premiered yesterday on KTN, fell flat on its face. The show, which was set to rival K4’s Nairobi Diaries, has largely received negative reviews online.

D2HCp1wXQAItY9J - Nairobi Diaries still wins-Kenyans criticize new KTN show, ‘Socialites’

Many expected it to compete with Nairobi Diaries but it wasn’t all that. The show portrays the real life of a typical Kenyan socialite but is supposed to be different from normal reality T.V shows.

Although it has received some positive feedback, the overwhelming sentiment has not been good. A sample of the comments are below:

Barasa Atieno: Positive criticism: you need to pull up your socks, borrow a leaf here & there..The show too dull for 10pm. One man show, is not competitive. Doooooozing off..

Kevo Kingman: Kenyans up again celebrating mediocrity!

Kelvin Shaban: The program might be very entertaining, informative and educative, but its name becomes a deal-breaker- going by the negative perception about the ‘socialites’ tag.

Carolyne Gathoni: Am already missing likes of bridget… Mishy Dora… N pendo #SocialitesKE

Ng’endo Kahenya Mimi sijaipenda. Total waste of time

Oronyi: Tv should shun from promoting mediocrity. Socialite is not a profession nor is it a career. It is worse than betting. Much as the Kenyan audience is made of youths, should not mean we bump nonsense to their head…KTN ur a reputable house, stop stooping ths low #SocialitesKE

Kurgat Kogeyben: #SocialitesKE instead of following such useless n backward TV shows.. look for a book n learn sth.

Kevnesh: #SocialitesKE issa scam bs

Njuguna wa Wairimu: Is sad that our mainstream media have been taken over by mediocre programmes. This is just a sweetened up prostitution. #SocialitesKE

Cornelius: This one looks scripted

Rehema Kims Boring af

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