Former chokora Hinga was laid to rest on Friday at his parents home. Hinga who was in out of rehab passed away last week shortly after complaining about a severe stomach.

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His mother paid a tribute to him explaining how his son got into drugs.

It is well with my soul. 35 years ago, a bouncing baby boy was born, we named him Hinga. He grew up in a Christian family, when it came to education, you didn’t disappoint your mama, you always made me proud by your performance.

She continued:

After joinning house, we discovered you had started abusing drugs. We opted for s transfer to Kayole, where I was then working and staying but it didn’t help, but instead, you became worse. The journey to Mathari mental hospital began. We tried taking you to rehab too but the expenses were too much for us.

She thanked Wanja Mwaura, who came to his son’s rescue. Wanja won the hearts after sharing photos of his former classmate Hinga before and after transformation.

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The teary mother, went ahead to eulogize her son saying she will dearly miss him.

Today I bring you home. No more going to Kayole, Mwiki to Wangige. No more street boy, no more Mathari hospital, no more rehabs, no more drugs, no more whispers, and finger-pointing. You will be home, your home, where we all wanted you to be with your family, God bless you. God help us in achieving the goal of erecting a house here so that I will be seeing your grave daily. I love you Hinga and I’ll miss you dearly.

Wanja Mwaura shared a post thanking everyone for supporting Hinga’s family during the difficult times. Her message read:

I want take this opportunity to thank you all for your support during that trying time we had over the passing on of Hinga. Thank you all for standing with me on this. Many of you are asking what really happened and I think this tribute his mother gave answers to most of your questions if not all. Take time n Listen to it. God bless u all.

Here are the photos from Hinga’s funeral:

Screenshot from 2019 03 24 110539 - ‘I love you Hinga,’ Ex chokora’s mother eulogizes him

Screenshot from 2019 03 24 103501 - ‘I love you Hinga,’ Ex chokora’s mother eulogizes him

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