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Health insurance company – AAR – has denied it conned popular activist Boniface Mwangi in regards to his surgery on 22nd March. Last week, Mwangi took to social media to accuse the company of reaping him off after they agreed to cover the costs of the surgery to remove a cyst on his left breast but failed to. “The night before the surgery, on 21st March, I received a phone call from a Ms. Sheila Mbogo, informing me that they were not going to pay for my surgery, as they considered the cyst to be a pre-existing condition, for which the waiting period is two years. TWO YEARS! She further stated that l was a new client. Why? Well, last year my cover lapsed for 3 months, and at the point of renewal, the insurance claims I was considered to be a new member,” Mwangi wrote in part. Not covered AAR however, released a statement saying that the cover he took didn’t include his surgery. They also allege that the waiting period for a pre-existing condition is one year and not two as claimed by Boniface Mwangi. Here’s what the company said in a letter: Here’s Mwangi’s full statement: In November 2016, l gave a speech on how the Kenyan middle class is only a phone call away from poverty. If you or your loved one is diagnosed with a terminal illness, and you don’t have a lot of money, you’ll end up being bankrupted. At the time, I hadn’t yet discovered another truth; that a health insurance cover isn’t a guarantee that your insurer will pay for your treatment when you need them to do so. On October 19, 2017, an overzealous police officer shot me with a teargas canister, at close range. I was treated at Kenyatta Hospital and discharged,…

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