mbuvivic 150x150 - He is not poor! Gospel singer Mbuvi flaunts cash and spurs mixed reactions online

´Kwata Kawaya´ hit maker, Mbuvi publicly showed off couple of Ksh 1,000 notes under the hashtag, PesaZisifanyeNikusahauMungu. This stunt generated mixed reactions among-st his followers on Instagram, owing to the fact that he is a Gospel artist. Comments #GodOverMoney is one hashtag that has spurred mixed reactions on social media, where gospel artist, Mbuvi publicly flaunts cash. What many don´t seem to get is; is he out to brag or out to praise God? Right from unpaid debts, to having coffee, to recent bank probes and on to Kenya´s underlying debts, not to forget his service to God. Followers flocked on his Instagram page to remind him of all these and much more: I don´t get this post. Is it a brag post or a praise post…. I gara go hatcake Niko na Deni ya Mshwari,, nitumie tenga sita humphreybilly @mbuvi naona ulipitia Barclays ya queen´s way😂😂😂 erick_mutuma Hizo zinaweza lipa deni zetu za ch´a´ina … ? Ama mkate? alicekamande Husisahau kulipa deni yangu nkirote_trhk What will benefit a man to gain the whole world and loose his soul kitikisam_the_barber @mbuvi niko java nimewacha bill yako edwardnyanaro Si unipee hizo pesa unacheza nazo 🤣 p_ndanumaina Amen 🙏 #GodOverMoney darmjombamusic #deadpresidents 😎 tinji_254_ Background checks However, soon after, Mbuvi posted this image which seems connected to the previous one, and Mbuvi captioned it ´Wordd!!!´ Mbuvi´s post comes in soon after fellow Gospel artist, Willy Paul flaunted bundles of cash online, which did not augur well with many. This was in a bid to self-advertise his record label but Kenyans felt he was doing it the wrong way, contrary to Preaching the Gospel. How does that relate with evangelism? nicholas_amisi All is vanity.. Zitaisha tu! mike_kahuthu This is just but a snippet of the kind of feedback the controversial gospel artist received…

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