dj shit 150x150 - DJ Shiti starts new project to uplift prostitutes in Kenya

Comedian DJ Shiti has vowed to focus on changing the lives of commercial sex workers in Kenya. Through his new project called ‘Okoa Mrembo’ the DJ will make sure the sex works can get better opportunities in life. He added that a reason why he’s helping them is because when he came to Nairobi, twilight girls helped him out and ensured he had a place to sleep. “I have a project that is ‘Dubbed Okoa Mrembo Kwa Street’ targeted at prostitutes on the street. This is because they really helped me when I came to Nairobi and had nowhere to go. Every one ran away from home but these girls helped me and stood by me,” he said. Leaving KTN Dj Shiti who is famed for his role in the TV drama Real Househelps of Kawangware added that the TV series is also planning a comeback after rebranding. “We have rebranded the show, it’s coming back bigger and better. However it will not be aired on KTN as it was being aired before it will be aired on a different station. For now I cannot reveal why we left KTN though,” he said.

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