Rnaze, Natalie Tewa’s ex has exclusively spoken to Mpasho.co.ke after she accused him of being abusive.

In one of the screenshots, she wrote:

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In an interview with Mpasho.co.ke, the well-built man refuted the claims saying;

All these are just false allegations. Listen, yeah, It is just like any relationship unfortunately when someone has f*cked up, she just has to take responsibility. I had requested her to leave the house that night. That is what happened because I could not take it anymore.


All guys out there know that when a woman cheats they just tryna make it look like she is a victim that is what is going to happen.

When we pestered him for more information, he simply said:

I don’t gonna say anything. I already said what I wanted to say on my page and that’s true. You’re provoking me to respond but I don’t need to because if something is not true I don’t need to do it. 

We also called Natalie Tewa for comment to clarify things and she said:

Once I’m ready to speak or make a statement I will do that. I don’t want to talk about it now. It’s not about blaming or wherever. 

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