It would seem that though many would be expecting Rnaze to be licking his wounds after not only ending his relationship to the sexy ex Natalie Tewa and she humiliated him by posting about his lack of financial muscles. However, lad is doing just fine.

The good looking lad -pause- was out celebrating his 30th birthday party and guess who turned up for the celebration? None other than Vera Sidika. I would venture a guess and say she just might be looking to help the not so sad lad get back up to high spirits.

Check out the photo below and I will upload the video of them jamming together:

photo5832544470070046828 - Vera Sidika amenyemelea! Natalie Tewa’s ex goes partying with the big booty babe
Methinks Rnaze has found someone willing to soothe his pains.

Check out the video below:

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