Godfrey Migwi 150x150 - Popular City pastor explains why thieves and prostitutes are welcome to worship in his Church

Bishop Godfrey Mwigi who is among the most outspoken pastors in Kenya is yet again making headlines after his latest statement; that has left many talking. Well, speaking recently at a funeral in Kiambu the man of God was heard quoting the Bible stating his church is open to thieves following what Apostle Paul once told the masses… “I steal from other places so as not to bother you”. He went on to add, “It is better a thief to steal and run to the church than to steal and go to a witch doctor,” Speaking during an interview with popular tabloid, Migwi went on to say that the reason thieves are welcome to his church is because he can preach to them the good news which would positive effect on their lives. “Just as Jesus sat and ate with Zacchaeus in the book of Mathew and ended up changing him, it is the role of us men of God to take on this challenge of changing these people,”  Corruption in Kenya  Talking about the corruption in the country; the Bishop revealed that jailing those accused of being corrupt was not the solution since the war on corruption is not only physical but also psychological. “As a church, it is our role to make them see the evils in the work they do and seek repentance. I say this without any fear of contradiction, Let them come to my church,” When asked to comment on about politicians accused of misusing public funds, the Bishop added;   “In my church, I welcome everyone, from thieves to prostitutes because I have seen God change others who were worse. That gives me the courage to say that when they come to my church I won’t turn anyone away,” He went on to call out media houses…

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