fena7 e1515230315580 150x150 - Anatesa! Fena Gitu´s bikini photos that are leaving Kenyans thirsty

Yesterday, the 1st of April, might be globally established as April Fool´s but being a Monday, Fena could not just fool us with these sassy snaps. Monday, is that busy, hectic, extremely formal day that every individual within a work space, wants to invest in heavily. However, the ´Sema Ngwe´ hitmaker did not spare the Monday blues, and struck like a Queen. She steps out dripping hot and sons can´t just get enough of her flawless, sexy bit, in Bikinis. This was all in a bid to promote Marini Naturals Denri Africa and no doubt, the lass did not fail the brand. Fenamenal is currently Marini Naturals Brand Ambassador and her comeback is just phenomenal. The popular Denri Brand Ambassador is known for her ´tomboyish´ look, that she clearly portrays in her songs. Hardly did any of us see this coming, let alone Marini naturals that took her up as their brand ambassador. People´s sons are loosing sight on her Instagram page, some even asking if she was initially female in the first place. She is back to the brand and might not be walking out any soon, based on her fiery comeback. Comments section HOLLY F*K!!!!! What in the sexiness is all this drip?! @fenamenal kuanga fair saa zingine. It´s Monday and some of us are trying to stay focused 🤦🏾‍♀️@michelle.ntalami and @marini.naturals can we make this a billboard? #kuulizatu edithkimani We are never fully ready for this fire 😍😍😍😍😍😍 Too fire sis 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 marini.naturals Whoooo dis? 😍😍😍 Welcome back to Marinidarling. It can never be the same without you 😘 niyati.patel10 @fenamenal We didn´t just sign you for your head, good everything around your shoulders..dzaamn! 😍😋🔥 Twice because once could never be enough, welcome Queen! 👸🏾🙌🏾🥂 michelle.ntalami Lord save your sons. Look at what they are doing on…

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