A Kenyan man identified as Derrick Mbugua is the one who has been pictured with Wamama in pics that have gone viral.
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Mbugua, who has been moving around with Wamama ever since he jetted back into the country, has revealed that he is housing Wamama because he had nowhere to stay.

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For those who don’t know about this, Wamama’s family is living in a not-so-conducive environment, and Mbugua highlighted their state, leaving his fans calling upon well-wishers to help them.

Mbugua, who claims he’s here to help Wamama and his family, shared part of the guy’s story and even said that he was the one who dressed him and is willing to help more. In a long post he shared on Facebook, Derrick has made it clear that he’s not interested in any help after he was criticized and abused online.

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Wamama’s family

A section of Facebook users claimed he was trying to dupe Kenyans. His post read:

‘Due to the ongoing criticism and being abused about Wamama and I, I want to state I have known him through Facebook just like most of you. On 28th last month he landed and ladies, guys could not hold for a selfie then after selfie and making fun others saying he is in Kenya to marry them and even stated to be staying with him.

On Saturday I went to find this man I remember I met him in Kariobangi, we had a talk. His phone is full of women who want him to go to their houses for a night ..others wishing he should rape them, unlike most people coming from States you expect them to have looks, big bags, stylish clothes, for Wamama he was wearing his oversize shoes, simple jacket the belt was in a mess, I went on to know him in details, that conversation was long I decided to hang out with him that day to a club at bypass where I invited Henry Desagu the comedian who also happened to know Wamama online.

We had few drinks and food, Desagu and I paid the bill….unlike his fame at club people took selfies others even bought him more alcohol but after that?. He went a step ahead and asked if I could accommodate him as he tries meeting up with the right people and see if he could get help, I offered him shelter through friends. I have managed to get him 5 complete suits and two pairs of shoes, with about 4 jeans, and 10 modern size t-shirt. I have scheduled several meetings with media to see him interviewed on Saturday we expect him live on Inooro TV.

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Issue of food is not a problem for me I am ok, the good thing is there are companies offering to give him advertising jobs, also an event where Wamama will be the guest. These events will be in Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu. Wamama will give his life and fame story, plus what exactly he does. Yes am a Kikuyu and Wamama is a Luo but am comfortable helping him as a brother. Am not the best but am only trying what I can just like anyone is free to help…WARNING NO PAYBILLS.vMY PRAYER IS TO SEE WAMAMA TRANSFORM HIS LIFE…YES HE MAY BE TRENDING FOR POSITIVE OR NEGATIVE REASONS BUT GOD HAS A PURPOSE. FACT REMAINS WAMAMA WANAMPENDA SANA.


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