octopizzo latest e1468914929417 150x150 - Octoppizo calls out Nas following his ‘Living like third world brothers’ comment

Rapper Octopizzo has called out American rapper Nas following his recent comments that black Americans live like their brothers in third world countries. Nas in post mourning rapper Nipsey Hussle who was shot six teams on Sunday, said that blacks in the US are fighting like they are in Africa. “We are at a great loss today. This hurts. Straight to the point. It’s dangerous to be an MC. Dangerous to be a b-ball player. It’s dangerous to have money. Dangerous To Be A Black Man. So much hatred. We live like our brothers and sisters in third world countries live. Right in America. Decisions we make about our own life be based on decisions cuz we might not live. It’s so deep rooted. It’s not a easy fix. Hard to fix anything when kids are still living in poverty. I ain’t shutting up though, Nipsey is a True voice. He will never be silenced. He still is A stand up General for the People who never left his people. He is loved by the people. Prayers for his family. Let’s keep pushing Truth for The Man. Love You King Nipsey Hussle/ Ermias Asghedom Respectfully, Nasir Jones,” wrote Nas. Peaceful Octopizzo didn’t like his comments and took to his comment section to blast the rapper assuring him that Africa is a peaceful comment unlike what they show on Western media. “@nas This was a dope caption till you said “Brothers and Sisters in the third world” all we do here is spread love and try to come together to address social injustice and advocate for equality, you need to take a trip down to any country in Africa and see the difference, don’t believe on the “violence” and misrepresentation that western media give Africa, we have problems yes which are mostly orchestrated…

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