baba diamondi 150x150 - Diamond Platnumz dad drops his first single (Video)

Seems that Baba Diamond is tired of begging his son to support him and has now decided to venture into music hoping to make some money for himself. The fella has a new video dubbed dudu yuyu that has left many talking. The video has received a lot of comments both positive and negative but all in all the guy is now focused on making his own money. Judging from the videos quality, it’s clear that he was definitely on a budget. a video vixen featured on the video has also shocked many as she is seen getting a bit too close with the old man….but anything for fame right? Stage name It is unclear what name he will be using as an artist but some of the suggested names include ‘Mzee Diamond Platnumz, Baba Chibu among others. Anyway check out the video below.

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