24gktkpTURBXy83MTc0ZTJmYjFjZDM2YjlkMzAyZjg3YjZhYTBlNGY2Zi5wbmeSlQMAAc0ChM0BapMFzQMUzQG8 150x150 - Spotted: Vera Sidika´s Patanisho for split up power couple, Natalie and Rnaze

Most recent feuding couple, Rnaze and Natalie might be back together after Socialite Vera Sidika´s mediation talks. On the above Twitter video, the controversial You Tube couple is seen warmly conversing, from directly opposite ends. Apparently, Socialite and video vixen, Vera Sidika hosted the two overnight, and the mediation took place right at her residence. The video vixen, captioned: I love seeing two people make peace. To make it more juicy, a video of Vera and Natalie having a good laugh popped up. Baffled twitter mob was left in shock that the gross relationship breakup, was a walk over, just like that. Cinematographer, Rnaze, trashed his social media accounts soon after their nasty breakup. However, the young lad has bounced back, with the sexy beauty´s photos still on his pages. The duo has had a push and pull, both having to take the blame for their crumbled relationship on social media. Later on, Rnaze was spotted getting cozy with the socialite, Vera Sidika. Or were the two actually chatting a way forward on ways of mending their broken paths, with Natalie? Hair and beauty vlogger, Natalie Tewa, on the other hand was getting her life together at the breath-taking Great Rift Valley Lodge. Reactions Fans have launched harsh, crude and angry comments towards the two, since fans believe the duo is just taking them for a ride. Anyway, wataachana tu.. Jamaa Flani Women are trash Ninja Sensei Hii ni ujinga gani!!!Ama ni publicity crap!!!! TOM Are we a joke to these people??? Diana Ivo ndio kunaendaga… 😂😂 only mistake they did was involving us…these two should just make a reality show for us now that they making trends here! Noel You never can tell when it comes to celebrities´ lives. Let´s wish them well this time hoping we are not…

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