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Kenya´s favorite YouTube couple has reached a mutual agreement, made peace and will take a break from each other for personal development. They however express sincere apologies for their love life drama in the public eye and seek to tame such happenings in the future. Just yesterday, Natalie and Rnaze had mediation talks presided over by Socialite Vera Sidika, at her residence. This might have hinted to us that the two are actually back together after such a gruesome public breakup just last week. However, fans have stormed social media to question their intention in this relationship, thinking they are being fooled. The couple has since then been compelled to make apologies to their fans for their public love life scandals. Sincere apologies Photographer Rnaze had this to say: Truth is we love each other, anyone who knows this. But we made a mistake and like any other relationship, we have our issues. We´ve been working on these issues but we made a mistake to make our personal issues public and we would like to apologize for involving all of you guys in our private lives. Fashion and beauty vlogger, Natalie Tewa on the other hand, had Rnaze´s back in saying this: It´s not fake, we actually do love each other. Because of all this, we´ve decided to move forward and we gonna be taking a break and focus on our personal development and in our careers. Keep God first always. Uganda´s Rnaze added: We have learnt a lot from this and the number one lesson to take home is relationships should be private, just between you and your guy. Natalie backed up affirming: We are good at what we do individually and we will continue to do what we do best. But we may work on future projects together….

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