GMONEY pic  150x150 - G-money schools shoddy DJs how to mix without irritating drops , His new mix is on fire.

Shoddy deejays have invaded the industry . They think downloading soft-wares and throwing songs around and irritating sound effects makes someone a DJ. These wannabe Djs with funny names  won’t  let you enjoy music. If you listen to   their mixes, they keep on mentioning their names after every song as if we are interested in knowing their names rather than listening to music. They release  shoddy mixes that have  irritating sound  effects of guns, glasses breaking , whistles, trumpets and not forgetting the popular “Ikibamba wapi  nduru”. By the way,  any deejay  still using that  drop in 2019 should be whipped. But we still have professional deejays in a market flooded by quacks. Legendary Homeboyz radio presenter and deejay G-Money, is one of those deejays who understand what professional deejay mixing is all about. And if you want to confirm this, just go to any of the gigs where he is spinning. He has no time for mediocrity. He does his job with a lot of professionalism and keeps revelers jamming all night long . You will never hear him putting those irritating sound effects in his mixes. G-Money has over 20 years experience in deejaying and so most of the upcoming deejays  who want to go far should look up-to him. The skilled Homeboyz Entertainment  DJ and presenter will be releasing   a new mix every week for the next 4 weeks to school shoddy deejays who have flooded the industry  on how a professional  mix should sound like. G, as he is popularly known,  released   the first mix on soundcloud where he blazed those old school dancehall tunes that were popular in the 90s. We have listened to the mix and we approve it. It’s cool and relaxed. There are no those irritating sound effects that you are used…

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