Journalist Tom Osanjo has come out to reveal how he battled depression for two years thus succumbed to using alcohol and other drugs.

Tom, who was a journalist at Nation Media Group explained how his superior advised him to seek medical attention after confessing he was battling with depression.

In an interview with Radio Jambo’s Massawe Japanni, Tom said:

Aliyenisaidia ni mkubwa wangu kazini. Nilianza ku suspect ni depression na nikasoma nikathibitisha nilipoenda kazini kuna counselor na tulipoongea akanituma kwa psychiatrist (the person that helped me was my boss. I suspected I had depression, i read up on it and decided to visit a counselor who referred me to a psychiatrist). 

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However, after he went for the check-up’s not only was he diagnosed with depression but also alcohol addiction.

Tom Osanjo - ‘I was depressed and an alcoholic,’ explains journalist, Tom Osanjo
Tom Osanjo

He said:

kuna madawa nilikuwa nimepewa na sikuwa nakunywa vizuri, dawa za anti depressants.

Rehab nilikaa kwa miezi mitatu na counselor na unapewa madawa na mle ndani kulikuwa na watu wa aina yoyote (I was given antidepressants that I did not take as prescribed. I also went to rehab for three months. I meet different kinds of individuals during my stint).

He went on and advised that people should avoid stigmatizing people who have depression but rather help them seek proper help.

Nilipoweka story yangu kwa gazeti watu wamenipigia simu na nikaanza mpango wa kuelekeza watu kwa wenye watakaowasaidia. (When my story was published in the newspaper many people called me asking for advice).

Tom has currently stated a health program where he advises persons living with depression.

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