rested 4 150x150 - Mwenye macho haambiwi tazama! Clear signs that Willy Paul has crossed over to secular

There has been endless debate whether Paul Radido aka Willy Paul is still a gospel artist. When Willy Paul ventured into music, he released his first song Sitolia which he featured Gloria Muliro. The song touched the hearts of many Kenyans due to the well composed and inspirational lyrics. Sitolia was more inspirational than some of the sermons we hear from the so called daddy and mummy pastors. Listening to Sitolia in a Sunday morning put you in the right mood of worshipping God. Willy Paul sung his heart out in the massive hit that brought him to the industry. When he was releasing Sitolia, he was struggling with life in the slums of Mathare. Perhaps the hard life in Mathare is what inspired him to come up with the song which basically means that “I will not cry since God is on my side”.  After Sitolia, Willy Pozze, as he is commonly known, released other gospel songs that topped charts like Mamangu, You Never Know just to name a few  and he became a darling of many Kenyans. He won the coveted Groove Awards and headlined all major gospel shows. As Willy Paul continued pursuing his thriving music career and getting more money, scandals started following him. He became a major headline in the tabloids. The first major scandal was when he was allegedly caught up having sex with socialite Pendo at KICC basement parking during Kisima Awards. After his sex scandal with Pendo, more scandals followed. From sleeping with different ladies, fighting over a married woman to neglecting his own mother after getting fame and money, Pozze became the new king of scandals in town. He also changed his style of music from content based gospel songs that uplifted the souls of millions of Kenyans to bubble-gum club…

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