nameless 150x150 - Issa TBT: The night shift job that made Nameless whom he is today

Your favorite Kenyan artist, Nameless is a star in the lucrative music industry that sees many tip off just shortly after they step in. However, Music star, Nameless, has defied the odds and remains relevant to date, a whooping 20 years down the road. Nameless takes us down memory lane of what his teenage life was like, a stage that has made him who he is today. Both exciting, scaring but he dared it all. That Call I was just a campus student, young kid, I remember that day I was having a night shift job. So me and my girlfriend, Wahu, she used to walk me half way on my way to work, , and then I´d head back to college. So that day, I think I was a bit down, I was feeling really down. Wifey, girlfriend at that time was trying to uplift my spirits but I was like, it will be alright. Then I went to work. When I reached jobbo, ofcos, my friend was there, we used to work just the 2 of us night shift. Newton and me. We started working as per kawaida and then, something interesting happened. On the radio, at the time, Muthoni Bwika announced that the biggest producer, Tejo Signs in studio was looking for artists; rap or sing, give a call: Yeeeah, Are you gifted? Are you talented? Can you drop a rhyme? Can you sing? Well am waiting for you because he is looking out for talent and the person who wins, will cut a record with him aka, ´a single´ so just don´t sit around and give me a call on 24…. Nameless could not help but listen keenly. I knew I had an interest in rapping, but I wasn´t sure that was my talent. He thought…

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