images 8 150x150 - ¨You shall overcome¨ fans cheer on You Tuber, Natalie Tewa as she shares tearful message on social media

Kenyan You Tuber and beauty vlogger, Natalie Tewa shares tearful message on about her career journey that moves many. The beauty who was caught up in her break up mess with Uganda´s Rnaze, is back on social media, retrieving her deleted posts to the public. For her, it has been a battle trying to revive her Instagram posts, but finally, they are now public. Below is the beauty´s tearful post: In the emotional post, she cites that she will sure share the story behind every of her favorite pictures on Instagram. However, she hopes, tears won´t have to run, hearts turned soft or even become weak in the process. She takes us through the early days of her current profession, when all she desired was to share her life, spread love and be of help. Scroll left to have a glimpse of her first photo-shoot that didn´t inspire much confidence and at a time when she was confused about her life choices. We hope she gains the strength to share more. Reactions Fans and followers including media personality, Anita Nderu and Roy Karuhize come out to encourage and motivate her to push on: One day at a time❤️❤️❤️❤️ anitanderu You are amazing. Loved and too beautiful STAAAHHHHHP kerrykagiri 👊👊exactly keep it realest sis roykaruhize You´ll be good love, this too will definitely pass coleyb_ Beautiful gal ur, am ur follower on your YouTube channel john.franciscar We will be there to support you…just keep in mind that you are an amazing person 🇰🇪🇰🇪 winkymemia Am just in love with the positivity from your funs and self. This is Awesome. All the best dear. mlikomm Keep growing💗💗 You´re allowed to restart as many times as growth allows shaloam_amani Just take one step at a time sweetheart it shall be well itsdorolydiahofficial ❤️Even this…

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