Wema Sepetu II 150x150 - Star Times´ brand ambassador, Wema Sepetu speaks about her childhood and lesbian rumours

Star Times´ brand ambassador, Wema Sepetu takes a tour to visit children at a school in Tanzania and speaks about her childhood and current lesbian claims. She loves children and her heart melts whenever she is around them, in reference to her just concluded campaign: This made me happy. Imenigusa. Mimi, I really really love kids. Her childhood The former Miss Tz affirms that ´child-like´ characteristics are still in her, even while at home, her mother takes her like her little baby, being the last born.   She adds: Kwa hivyo kukua kwangu, nimedekezwa sana. Sio na mamangu tu, hata na babangu pia familia kwa kijumla, maana wananiita mimi, kitindamimba. Hivyo kila siku, wananiona, I´m still a baby. Wema attests that till date, her mother carries her like her baby, in terms of speech or even when addressing her. She  however looks forward to much more campaigns by Startimes, not just around children, but much more. The socialite cites that during her early schooling days, she was lucky to have all the needed resources for learning and is thankful for that. She however, would steal some little pennies from home, just to have a lovely time at school, buying goodies here and there.   Wema Sepetu has been through school but she doesn´t feel there is need to brag about it or even talk about it. Mimi huwa sihisi kwamba watu wanatakiwa kujua kila kitu ambacho  nimepitia, nimefanya. Nobody needs to know. Mimi sio mtu wa kuji-brag. Photo Courtesy She is proud to be an English-speaker and categorically states she has grown with it from her roots, Kindergarten: Kwa hivyo, mimi nilisoma Academic International mpaka A-level. Sijawai kubadilisha shule. The bongo actress however adds that she later went to Campus before flying off to Malaysia and came back as an…

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