Corazon Kwamboka has clearly stated that she is not nor ever been a socialite as many refer to her. Locally,  a socialite is someone with a well-endowed body; big assets and who is ready to show it off to the public to gain fame. The so-called socialites are now taking over the showbiz industry in Kenya thanks to their looks and goodies.

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In a candid interview with, the lass who became popular on social media platforms after sharing photos of herself flaunting her mammoth booty in a pair of hot pants said;

I have never considered myself a socialite but I’ve learnt to not care what label people place on me. So you tell me, am I?

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Young women nowadays don’t work hard for their money but turn into socialites and parade themselves on social media posing as Instagram models in the hopes that they will attract sponsors.

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There are a lot of socialites in Kenya and when asked what she thinks about this group of ladies, Kwamboka said;

Most have no class and no brain and have no clue what they are doing. My advice is, forget about social media attention and the men, focus on your goals.


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