kili 150x150 - Bonfire Adventures MD slams Kenyans after shaming her ‘potty’: What have you helped people online with

Founder and managing director of travel company Bonfire Adventures was recently a hot topic at Kilimani Mums Facebook page. A Kenyan mocked the MD, Sarah Kabu, for her body saying that she should hit the gym to remove her “potty” stomach. Sarah wasn’t pleased with the comments and took to social media to ask Kenyans to try and post something positive other than mock people. “You spend your time online gossiping. If you want to gossip about people it’s okay, life is not always serious business so udaku saa ingine ni important. Its therapy. So usiskie vibaya but also try and spread some love, what have you helped people online with? When you attack people with time you became bitter. There is a statement that jealousy is the last stage before you become a full-time witch. There are some people online who are spreading a lot of hatred, maybe they are depressed or going through a hard time ebu jaribu for once to spread love and encouragement and you will also start feeling better,” she said. Gossip Sarah went on to attack ladies who do nothing but gossip on the platform hiding in different Facebook accounts. “Watu a Kilimani lazima walete udaku, its okay we appreciate, sometimes hii udaku huchangamsha watu for us who work so hard. I don’t go to social media until 10 pm when I go to bed so sometimes naonanga hiyo udaku usiku.” “Ladies hiding in pseudo accounts…why do you imagine am rich? Am struggling like anyone else just dancing in the rain…Why do u want me to be a supermodel? My villageness is my heritage. Why do u think my husband wants a slay queen like u…he can’t even stand ur makeups n dry bodies…wish u know how he comments! He so loves the natural…

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