Her former best friend Kylie Jenner hinted she was clearing the air when she changed her Twitter header to a photo with her in it.

But it appears as though not all the Kardashian/Jenner sisters are ready to forgive Jordyn Woods, after she was caught kissing sister Khloe’s boyfriend and baby daddy Tristan Thompson back in February.

JordynWoods - Jordyn Woods ‘visibly uncomfortable’ upon meeting Kendall Jenner
Jordyn Woods

According to onlookers, things were very tense between the 21-year-old and Kendall Jenner – who was with Hailey Baldwin – when they both rocked up to the Bootsy Bellows party presented by McDonalds & Pacsun on Saturday at Coachella.

Jordyn was visibly uncomfortable by their reaction.’

Kylie Jenner holding Stormi - Jordyn Woods ‘visibly uncomfortable’ upon meeting Kendall Jenner

And it appeared as though the shamed model really wasn’t enjoying herself, with the insider adding that she was having a slight spat with her date, her mom Elizabeth, at the same time. ‘As Jordyn was sitting, her and her mom were in a bit of an argument and she told her mom, “I don’t want to discuss this right now”.’

The publication added that Jordyn, who was also there with pal Jaden Smith, left soon after that leading to Kendall and Hailey appearing happier and ‘a lot more social with everyone’.

Kendall Jenner - Jordyn Woods ‘visibly uncomfortable’ upon meeting Kendall Jenner

But prior to the uncomfortable run-in with, Jordyn sure did appear in high spirits, taking to the stage with Will Smith’s son Jaden and his daughter Willow Smith. And with quite a tiring weekend for the beauty, Monday saw her jet off in a helicopter back home.

Kendall Jenner1 - Jordyn Woods ‘visibly uncomfortable’ upon meeting Kendall Jenner

And while Jordyn jetted out in style, her mom was left to drive the car home alone, taking to socials to showcase the immense traffic on the road.

The awkward encounter comes after Jordyn was caught cheating with NBA player Tristan Thompson at a party at the end of February, earlier this year. Soon after the incident, Jordyn moved out of best friend Kylie Jenner’s pool house and went to live with her mom.

kylie jenner 1 - Jordyn Woods ‘visibly uncomfortable’ upon meeting Kendall Jenner
Kylie Jenner

Following the scandal, Jordyn broke her silence on Jada Pinkett-Smith’s Red Table Talk, where she confirmed she did kiss Khloe Kardashian’s baby daddy with ‘no passion’ and ‘no tongue’.

And while Kylie Jenner has changed her Twitter header, insider’s have reported she’s still hurt by the betrayal and mourning the loss of her best friend.

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