Avoid them 150x150 - Read Ciru Muriuki´s words of comfort to Ivy Wangechi´s grieving mother

Parents to prospective deceased medical student, Ivy Wangechi bravely spoke out in the media, holding their young daughter´s name high. Multiple comments on various media channels have seen the parents, close family and friends, bittered by their shaming remarks in concern to the daughter. However, the time had come to silence off all these critics and family, classmates even neighbors have come out strong to put the disheartening remarks to rest. The mother to the first born daughter categorically articulated: It is with a lot of regret that I have learnt of an Ivy that only exists in the world of social media. That must be another Ivy, not my daughter. I want to make it clear that the Ivy the bloggers are talking about and trying to portray in a bad light in social media is not the same one we knew. The Ivy we knew was God-fearing, disciplined and one who did not depend on or have sponsors. Speaking on Sunday from their home in Thika, she further dismissed rumors of her daughters HIV health state. Momentum Additionally, media personality, Ciru Muriuki penned an open letter to the pain-stricken mother reading: In this Holy Week, your daughter will be laid to rest. You have had to endure her being killed, twice. First, by the seemingly senseless slaying and the second time by bloggers and even radio presenters – Specifically Didge on Homeboyz radio – Who made jokes about her death and alluded to her deserving what she got. And Jalango who wrote a lengthy post on Instagram about women not accepting gifts from men without being ready to deal with the consequences. The BBC Journalist consoles the grieving mother, citing further local examples: You have had to endure lies being spread about the apple of your eye. Everything…

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