vera sidika1 e1542801213254 696x434 150x150 - Spotted: Bootyful socialite Vera Sidika now out partying with top politician´s son

Kenyan Socialite and video vixen, Vera Sidika has time and again been spotted hanging out with the ´Big Fish´ and Kabogo´s son is her new catch. If her social circle is anything to go by, she definitely has her connections well established. Vera Sidika recently landed in her home country, Kenya but can´t seem to keep her feet off the ground. Just Sunday, the curvaceous Socialite was spotted hanging out with ex-Kiambu Governor, William Kabogo´s son, Alvin. In a video captured, the two are seen all smiles just savoring the moment: The party girl seems to enjoy her time partying, well, nothing sensual comes out in the video. However, seems she took in a bit too much than her busy Monday could handle:. Her history Vera Sidika is known to hang out with the top brass in the field, recalling her most recent hang out with Ugandan cinematographer, Rnaze. The two were spotted enjoying drinks together shortly after Rnaze´s crude break-up mess with hair and beauty vlogger, Natalie Tewa. Then funny enough, Vera apparently hosted the torn-apart couple for alleged ´peace talks´ that saw the two reconcile but finally go their separate ways. She definitely dropped a bomb on that one! Additionally, she has been spotted hanging out with city mogul, Ben Kang´ang´i after her return from Los Angeles. Only she knows what other bomb she´ll be dropping soon, but drinks seem to be part of her everyday menu.

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