maxresdefault 2 150x150 - Fast Cash Music Group set to release revoked ´Taka Taka´ anthem´s video

Tuesday, 16th of April, youthful Kenyan rapper, Alvindo saw his ´Taka Taka´ anthem nationally banned from the airwaves but the management has decided to defy the orders. The audio that has garnered upward of 1 M views, saw the management put in too much time, effort and financial resources to just let it the video slip. During an interview with Tuko, the management cites: The video is ready and we could be releasing it next week. We spent a lot of money on it. We invested over Ksh 1 M for the video so it does not make sense cancelling it.. Mutua banned the audio all because he misunderstood it. Alvindo´s manager, Eric the manager says the video is awaiting its public release, after having its audio aired early in January. However, the young manager wishes he can meet the KFCB boss before airing the video to set the rules clear though even if it doesn´t happen, the video will still be released. I am looking for Mutua. I want us to sit down and talk about the ban and what we can do in future. The video will be released whether the meeting happens or not. But as Alvindo´s manager, I would really want to meet him before the release. 4-month old ´Taka Taka´ audio was banned due to reasons of being insulting to the female gender and being an igniter to recent spousal fights.

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