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Youthful female artist, Nadia Mukami did a new hairdo recently but she might not have received the kind of responses she expected. So she rocked a new hair cut and asked for fans´ comments: A hit or A miss? It was that simple. The songstress´hair do´s have never been a cause for alarm, but this one sure did with her fans all over her new hair cut. Nadia´s trademark hairstyle has been some African puffy afro with some extension. However, this time she tried diving in the deep end and came out with a bob hair cut that´s been dyed blonde. Unfortunately, fans feel her hair game this time round was a sincere lose and so many turned up just to leave a comment or take a look at her new hair cut, all to her surprise. Hit or Miss? Some commented that she should have just maintained the usual ´Nadia´ we know but since the process is irreversible, the advice is to never shave again: This hairstyle ndio best kuliko iyo ya dye.   Honestly NO😢   No   Previous   Previous makes the Best🔥 🔥 🔥 However, in the middle of a crisis, there will always be some cheer leaders, and some of her fans think she has rocked an amazing hairdo that she should keep: Gyal you look so good na hio hair style I love it   🔥yes   Baby girl short dyed hair inaweza Others actually compared her to Willy Paul and Wizkid who rock a similar hair cut. Alaa,.umeamua kuenda the pozze way? Si mbaya   Unakaa wizkid😂😂😂😂😂 Additionally, there were fans who actually compared the petite singer to Willy Paul´s alleged girlfriend, Nandy. I love you @nadia_mukami and what you do but stop trying to be like @officialnandy. Try your own thing and…

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