ruth 1024x542 150x150 - Ruth matete reveals she was actually saved before joining Tusker Project fame and this is why

Tusker Project Fame Season 5 winner, Ruth Matete reveals that she was actually a born-again Christian before joining the alcohol-sponsored competition. The life-changing move Speaking to Radio Jambo, the singer however reveals: Around that time [TPF] I was so stressed and I had financial difficulties. It was not a good gesture as a Christian. Even then, I knew I was wrong. But because in life we have ups and downs, no one should lie to you that after salvation everything is fine. The self-disappointed Christian admits that she was well aware she was wrong before God but financial challenges might have ignited the fire. She earlier on confessed that she severally almost gave herself up to suicide but on second thought, God was not asleep. Additionally: At that time, one of my friends advised me to try Tusker Project Fame. I hesitated but finally ended up going because of the frustrations of life, without even thinking about my salvation life. Background Ruth Matete´s participation in the Tusker Project Fame competition opened doors to tussles with her father who was quite disappointed in his daughter. The vocalist recalls: I had moved out of my father´s house, although I was still in school. It was not easy and my dad is a very strict dad. He would give me a small amount of money, unlike what I expected. Her upbringing especially while in school was contrary to her expectations with only few pennies to cater for her other needs. Her TPF harvest However, TPF saw the female songstress walk home with a whooping Ksh 5 M, a sum of money she might never have related with before then. Furthermore, the alcohol-sponsored singing competition actually open doors for her to fame: After TPF, there were so many gigs for me. Most people did…

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