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Former Tahidi High actor, Ephy Saint has been blasted by his baby mama over his pathological lies and heart-breaking love for the mother of his child. Chantelle Petit, recently gave birth to Ephy Saint´s child, an experience that almost left her newborn grow up without own mother. On her Instagram posts, Chantelle refers to the model, as a ´pathological liar´ who never seems to settle down on one item to completion. The posts Her expose posts read: According to the beauty, Ephy consistently lied to her about his past relationships. And she blindly fell in love with the actor only to be crashed into pieces through fellow victimized women. Additionally, Chantelle narrates how she almost committed suicide because the burdens on her back were just too heavy to carry any longer: Tip of the iceberg. He made fun of her all through her suffering and challenging moments, hardly supporting her and always there to pick uncalled for fights. As if that were not enough, he crashed her again and again and again…multiple times in instances so saddening and inhumane for an expectant mother: For Chantelle, ´thou shall not judge´ carried the day and she blindly walked in to her warnings: History She takes us back to her recent past where things toppled over for her relationship with the Kenyan actor and model: For her, Ephy still had a good side: Abuse´ aftermath     Chantelle concludes by standing strong however tough and crumbled her life had become: Other side of the story Like any other story, there will be always to parts, first, the victim´s then, the villain´s. Ephy Saint´s is no different and this is what he had in his defense: According to Ephy, this is not his battle to fight and leaves the battlefield open for all.  …

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