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King kaka is back with a new single Poison. This comes a week after the  release of  Njia which was a collaboration with Bridget Blue. Poison is something that you would want to listen to every minute. It has been produced by Eric “MSYOX” Musyoka , Decimal Records Audio Representation by Provoke.  This is  From The Album Eastlando Royalty.  The song talks about poison or rather toxic people in life. Who would not agree with me that King Kaka is the king of rap? King kaka has given the jam taste through the style he has used. Rhyme has been used through out the song. It has a good flow and so easy to understand. Also the video is well done. The background is so creative and well thought of just like the lyrics. The song has a deep meaning and looking at each line it says more on how people behave.  “Kuna time niliwaomba doh ya food wakanitoka hiyo si ndio ughost,  Saa hii nimepata doh ya breako wanataka tugawe hiyo si ndio utoast” ; Here h talks of how he asked for help from his friends and they all left him and noow that he is stable they want a share of what he has. Isn’t this how most friends are? From this the title ‘Poison’ is brought out. Also symbolism is used through out the song, a style that makes this piece of art unique; “Shape ya madame nadishi bado ni 8 figures”  This is so great where he compares ladies shape to the number eight. This creates a mental picture of the lady he is talking about. “Na hatutawai fanana kama Patipati za lodging”; This line states it clear that people will never be the same. The song is done in Sheng’, English and Swahili which are the commonly…

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