Cases of men attacking/killing their girlfriends have been rampant of late. Just two weeks ago, Naftali Kinutihai hacked Ivy Wangeci, a Moi University student to death. Ivy was laid to rest yesterday and in the evening, another lady was shot dead.

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Likoni deputy OCS Joab Omondi shot dead his girlfriend Peninnah Kaimenyi at Lovely Bar in Mtongwe, Mombasa county. Omondi later killed himself.

Likoni - Joab Omondi kills girlfriend before committing suicide in Likoni
Likoni police station

Peninnah was a bar attendant at the establishment.  The incident which happened 3km from Likoni police station has left residents of the are in shock. The deceased sister narrated how the incident happened;

Tulikuwa tumeketi pale tukiwa wamama watatu. Mimi na huyu dadangu na mwanamke mwengine. Huyo Omondi alipokuja hakutuongelesha. ALipita akaenda kwa duka akasema zimeni redio, na wal walikuwa ndani wakazima wamsikilize.

{We were sitting together with my sister and another woman when Joab Omondi came. He didn’t speak to us and went to a nearby shop and asked the shopkeeper to turn off the radio.}

Akaulizwa kwani kuna shida gani? akasema hamna shida na akatoka akakuja penye tulikuwa akatoa pistol. Akapiga risasi kwa hewa na ndungu yake akamshika.

{The shopkeeper asked him if there was a problem and he said everything was okay. He walked to where we were sitting and shot in the air and my brother came to stop him but he shot my sister in the head.}

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When he saw her lying down helplessly, he cocked the gun and shot himself.

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The incident has left residents of the area calling upon police to ensure they are protected, condemning the heinous act.


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